Gunslinger 5E in D&D 5e Classes

The gunslinger is an archetype for the fire class created by Mathew Mercer. The main purpose of a gunslinger in the game is to make sure that the firearm is appropriate. Firearms has a very significant role in our world and there are a huge number of the audience loves to have firearms even for those who do not believe in firearms must go through this role once.

When you work with bows and arrows and sword and when you upgrade yourself to the guns you definitely feel more advances and there is an ease of fighting as well. Ammunition is the most important key in it I mean there are very fewer people who have access to the gun powder or manufacturing the ammunition but reaching them out is not that tough.

The types of firearms along with their properties available in the class are mentioned below:

  • Pistol – Reload 4, Misfire 1
  • Musket – Two handed, Reload 1, Misfire 2
  • Papperbox – Reload 6, Misfire 2
  • Scattergun – Reload 2, Misfire 3, Scatter
  • Bad News – Two handed, Reload 1, Misfire 3
  • Hand Mortar – Reload 1, Misfire 3, Explosive

If you are at level one, you don’t have resources to by a firearm because it is very expensive. You need to work for few levels and have that budget with you to purchase one. The damage quality of a fire arm is pretty higher than other weapons in the class. The range is pretty significant of it like 1200 feet that it can offer is very good to have.

There is a fire arms proficiency in this which states that when you choose the archetype at third level, you gain the proficiency with the fire arms allowing you to have the bonus redeemed in the form of a gun. You also gain the proficiency of Tinkers tools in it, you can use them to craft ammunition repair damages of the fire arms or you can even create new fire arms as well. Some of the most devastating fire arms are those which are self-created.

At the beginning of level three you get some grit points equal to your wisdom modifier. You can s[pend these grit points to perform various shot attacks with your fire arms. An attack can only be performing by a single shot feature.

One can regain grit points in the following ways:

  • A critical hit with a fire arm: Each time you score a critical hit with a fire arm attack while hustling in the battle, you can regain one spent grit point. Critical hits gained outside of the die role will not be countable and will not generate grit.
  • Killing blow with a fire arm: Each time you reduce a dangerous creature to zero hit points with a fire arm attack and after you kill them you will regain one spend grit point.
  • You can also regain all the spend grit points once you finished a long rest period or a short rest period of time.

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