Matt Mercer Classes 5E

Mathew Mercer also called Matt Mercer plays the famous characters for a critical role. His original name was Mathew Miller but due to common name amongst his other mates, he replaced it with Mathew Mercer now popular as Matt Mercer. His heritage is mixed with Irish and Scottish people mainly Scottish. Grown-up in Central Florida during his schooling; he was also having a soft corner for music though his main focus was in arts and theatre. Right after his high school he had a chance to work as a game tester. Later he becomes a lead tester and got promoted as a manager though working with a game design team he also worked as a voice-over artist.

Matt Mercer 5e

There was a time for Matt when he was investing a lot of money in costumes apart for daily expenses, it was soon when he was overweight and touched 240 pounds mark so he decided to lose weight and become slimmer with a fitness and diet programme. Till now Matt has played many characters, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Matthew Mercer (Character), Human Bard (“Liam’s Quest”)
  • Matthew Mercer (Vampire)
  • Trinket (“Trinket’s Honey Heist”) and “Honey Heist 2:Electric Beargaloo
  • Reggie Burns, Raccoon (“Crash Pandas: Too Trashed, Too Curious”)
  • Klaus (“The Night Before Christmas”)
  • Clayton Sharpe (“UnDeadwood”)

During his job, he along with his friends get together and produced a web series just for fun, not for money and some other web series like a school of thrones. Matt married to Marisha Ray who is a voice-over artist herself. Before the first campaign, Marisha played another D&D game with the same Dungeon Master, Matthew Mercer. Also before the first campaign, she was in another pen-and-paper RPG game with fellow voice actor and player Taliesin Jaffe. She has also played a tabletop version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Marisha helped Matt host the first pre-stream session of the campaign that later became Critical Role, which was supposed to be a one-time game. She did not play as a character in that particular session.

Apart from a role player Matt always loves to work with new people guiding them with the scripts and helping them to start their career. Matt on an emotional note very much attached to the D&D community and wishes that it should have happened earlier in his life stage.

The Lingering Soul is the recent most class of Matt. An optional class or death alternative for 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons: Mortality, All draw breath fear the icy grip of death, the promised end. It is the primal fear that drives much of history to the influence of any temple. You are afterlife, unfortunately, is not so restful, You’ve been cut down, left to die and your spirit now remains, unable to pass on when so filled with fear, with anger, with questions. Binding to whatever symbol will anchor you to the world of the living, you feel the hunger for answer rival your need for vengeance as you learn to control this ethereal existence thrust upon you.

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